A video project when I was a consultant with TriComB2B. I even had the pleasure of coining the phrase "We're the Fan of Serious Industry"

Another video project with TriComB2B. This dynamic video, featuring Rugged Mobile Power solutions, was created entirely from static images. I used Photoshop and After Effects to add parallax effects.

Flash is not as popular as it used to be, but I still like to showcase some of my favorite animated banners that I designed and built back during my days at the ad agencies. My foundation in animation techniques enabled me to build some of the most appealing and eye-catching banners of their day.

Today there are new techniques for creating animated graphics and images on the web. Many of these use CSS and Javascript libraries like JQuery.

I created this animated ad following the specs very carefully so that the gaps between the screens did not distort the overall movie.

The client wanted a screensaver that would play on office screens. This came out so nice, she commissioned another version later.

This proof-of-concept video was completely created in one afternoon.