Creative Direction

Creative Branches

Creative Direction takes on different meanings in different companies. In some companies, that role is a brand manager, the chief of the logo police. In other companies, that person's job is to lead and inspire the entire creative team. In the ad agencies that I experienced, the Creative Director is the chief of the cretive team. They work to develop and inspire other creative contributors.

The fact that I've worked in all four branches of creative contribution, Writing, Graphics, Motion/Video and Digital/Interactive, I can lead and inspire any creative contributor. It is also a nice benefit that I have understanding across several creative media.

Your Body the Machine - EPCOT Center
Big Robot - illustration

A rare opportunity during my time at Anthem. We were given the opportunity to submit concepts for redesigning a health and fitness attraction for EPCOT Center's Innoventions. I wrote and illustrated an entire concept. The full story and concept is available by request. >> Read More

CES 2015 - People's Choice Winner
The Illustration that won me a 3D printer

In late 2015 I won People's Choice in the LulzBot contest at the CES conference. I pulled out all the creative stops and created this concept piece. >> Read More