July 2019

Due to a very busy time and deadline pressure at my day job, I've had to slow down my progress on Kings Island Park Hacks book update. The time when I invite the launch team to review content will hopefully begin in the next couple weeks. (Perhaps I'll be able to include new ride information that has yet to officially be released.)

June 2019

I haven't updated this in a long time! I'm working with my co-author Krystal on the 2019 update to Kings Island Park Hacks. Because I allowed myself to get too busy, I've had to postpone this several times, but the July release is set and can't be moved again! So it is happening!

At my day job I've been creating reusable blocks in Wordpress. It is a nice way to expand the capabilities of the new Gutenberg editor.

I've nearly mastered the CSS Grid workflow for building websites. It is a paradigm shift from other ways of creating web layouts. Once you get the thinking behind it, you'll never want to go back. It is the future of HTML layout.

Nov 2018

October and the start of November has been a flurry of activity. Far too much instructional design for my tastes. However, I did get to learn about save handling of very dangerous medicine. Plus, I heard a juicier bonus conversation of the related dangers of lab mouse poop, bedding and chow that may contain the same dangerous medications in a lab. (Very entertaining!)

  • On the web development front. I'm actively learning React. I've been following the buzz of different Javascript packages and philosophies. It took me a while to get that it was that React does for us. Why didn't someone just say, "Remember what JQuery did? React is like that, only modern and better." That's all it would have taken to get me to be interested in it.
  • My Writing Club is still in the prepare for launch stage. I have it designed as an offshoot from the 2D Fruit Publishing company. This is not November. What happens in November? We either write a book, or feel guilty for not writing our novel/book. When it officially launches in January, My Writing Club will solve that guilt and help wannabes to become the real thing... authors!
  • There is a mysterious pattern I've been hearing about. Recruiters and hiring managers seem to be afraid to invite candidates in for a real interview. In fact, they don't even call. I hear all the time about how hot this job market is. When I sit down and talk with people, their jaw drops and they become excited about the possibilities. Recruiters and hiring managers, if you don't call a good candidate that looks different from what you had in mind... you are not doing your job!
  • Be fearless. I ripped the front off of our broken iPad. I bought a replacement screen. Then I bought the correct replacement screen. (Check your model number, you bought it a long time ago and may not remember accurately. I didn't.) I put it all together. Powered up. Didn't work. Next day, I gently coaxed the new screen off again, reconnected the ribbon cables. This time, it worked. Repair done. $20 + $23 educational tax for buying the wrong kit at first. 1/2 - 1/3 the price of a typical repair at one of those repair places. Plus, now I know what the inside of an iPad is like.
  • Writing and building some new stuff. Planning some other collaboration projects that will go public soon.

Make sure you check out my expanded portfolio in the About section of this site. More samples and topics added.

I had to pull my courses out of Teachable. I'm going to be selling them in now using a different platform. See the Courses tab to stay up-to-date.

Aug/Sept 2018

New Site

I've been working hard the past few weeks to completely rebuild my website. Please bear with me while I add the last few features. Blog posts and content upgrades are coming soon!

2D Fruit Publishing

Sometimes called a hybrid-publisher. 2D Fruit Publishing exists to help independent and self-publishing authors can find resources to help them through the process of publishing and marketing their book.

My Writing Club

Launching in October 2018. A membership site for accountability and guidance which helps independent and first-time authors to move their book steadily toward completion.

Teachable Courses

I'm currently building several courses for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.