There is creative potential in everyone. Because there are so many creative definitions, you must find the right angle to unlock your own creativity. There is no one definition of creative. For example, I’ve been planning and building this blog for several months. I had never heard of any blog specifically geared toward “creativity.”

Since this site, I’ve discovered tons of blogs and online offerings all under the key concept of creativity. The funny thing is, I’m not threatened by them at all. They are all so wildly different from the angle I intend to pursue, that if I do MY thing, there will not be any conflict with what is out there. The fact that they are starting to spring up in different areas is proof that creative blogs can be a thing!

In Mark Cuban's episode of the very popular 30 Days of Genius video series created by Chase Jarvis, Mark puts it right out there, (42:20.) "Creativity means a lot of different things, depending on the context." He goes on to describe how he is creative in the area of business, coming up with new approaches to business. He is not into stuff like designing new logos. I'm not putting down this series, it is very cool and loaded with challenging and smart perspectives from very prominent leaders, but it is not what I identify as creative. I feel it would be more appropriately titled Celebrity Entrepreneur Live. It just isn't as catchy. In his defense, it is really Mr. Jarvis's site that is called, the 30 Days of Genius series doesn't actually have creative in its name. My point is that everyone probably gets a knee-jerk reaction when they see creative execution done in a manner they didn't expect or in a subject that is far from their field of interest.

I remember a time in art college when I was in the photography lab mounting final project photos on to board so they could be presented. I had b&w photo of my little brother and sister playing. Technically, it was one of my best pieces. I was proud to include it in my final photo collection for the class. As I was finishing the process, I spotted a reaction of another student. She was from the fine art discipline, her work leaned toward the odd or even perverse. Unaware that I was observing her, she was looking at my photos with an expression of disgust. I remember being puzzled at her quiet negative reaction. I don't know what her past was like, clearly pictures of happy children playing was not appreciated as "art" by her.

I admit that sometimes I too have this reaction when I see work that is different than my idea of what creativity or art is.

Among many creative definitions, which is mine?

We each need to ask ourselves this question when we want to build confidence in our creative output. This article on Lifehacker, my favorite blog for over the past decade, was very helpful. It revealed to me, my own hesitancy to create this blog. I keep looking over it, waiting for it to feel ready. Just one more post on a new topic so that it doesn't feel too heavy in the area of graphic design, when I'm also here to talk about video, animation, programming and creative marketing. If I don't embrace the risk and discomfort of opening up this creative expression, I will never get there. It is like the couple who says they'll wait to get married until the time when they can afford it. There they are the lovely octogenarian couple standing there at the altar!

For the initial definition of this blog, recognizing that there are many creative definitions, I’m focusing the local definition of creativity here as the practice of executing fresh and interesting ideas that are beautiful, inspiring, provocative. The blog examines creativity as a mystery to be pursued. I will teach the tools of creative output. I intend to share ways to generate and refine ideas, building strong concepts.

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