There are people who learn one career and continue to go deeper or move into managing others in the same or a similar area. There are people who move around to adjacent careers building a wide spectrum of related knowledge and experience. Then, there are the rare 'T' shaped careers who have done both. They have a wide breadth of experience and also a deep expertise in a few. That is a good simplified explanation of my career history.

I started with graphic design and illustration. Since the beginning of my career and even back into high school, I practiced photography. Then I expanded into the production of high-end video and motion graphics. Later, as I grew to be a strong Flash developer (back when Flash was very popular) I added additional programming and application development capability. Those different roles got me into the ad agency world and exposed me to the areas of creative direction and digital marketing.


It is hard for me to point to examples that are strictly graphics. Most of my design work gets woven into other forms, like videos and websites. This is a nice benefit, because I know how to look cool, within a brand's guidelines. I'm a student of design trends, while also always making an effort to create designs that stand out among the noise.

My graphic design work has also been helpful in book publication. I create book cover designs and the internal layout file. I support self-published authors in the creation of quality print and ebooks that look legit on the web.

I am a master of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, which is a bold statement. But after 20 years using Photoshop and Illustrator, I enjoy teaching great workflows and strategies to anyone who is curious about using these programs better. One should never claim to have arrived and stop learning. I still watch tutorials and read guides by others. No one knows it all!

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I went to the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) for the purpose of becoming an animator with Walt Disney Feature Animation. Sometimes plans change, and one has to pivot to a new path. I've still followed the Disney company and the entertainment industry very closely.

Illustration is visual storytelling. I have created many examples of illustrations, infographics, technical diagrams. All of which tell various stories.

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Photography has been a hobby of mine for over 25 years. I began with traditional film. I studied B&W developing and print production in college. Today I enjoy using DSLR and other experimental options to create striking images. I shoot promotional headshots for corporate teams. I am highly technical and can capture images that work in less than ideal conditions, like theatrical performances.

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I studied animation, storyboard, film/video production in college. I now have 20 years of experience creating videos and motion graphics. I create quick, proof-of-concept videos. I conduct sales-focused interviews with c-level executives and associates. I write and develop short motivational videos for improving team culture. I craft high quality marketing videos that present features of products.

Video is taking over as the dominant form of content that is being consumed on the web. Make a great video, and you will get the most impact for your money and effort.

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The early days of web programming for many of us, began in the late 1990s. I taught myself to write HTML and CSS. Because I was also a graphic designer and animator, I also was an early developer of Flash. Flash got better when the designer got away from the timeline and drove the experience with programmed code. ActionScript was its programming language. It was very similar to JavaScript.

To improve my programming, I took classes in the Computer Science program at NKU.

Today, I concentrate on building low-overhead websites using Jekyll and AWS S3 buckets. You can rapidly create well-designed, responsive micro sites that cost pennies to host. The interactive features are powered with Javascript, Cloud-based SaaS tools and social media plug-ins.

My latest technological growth has been adding React to my toolset of web development.


Writing and copywriting, (the writing of sales copy) are two highly valuable sills. In my youth, I always imagined I'd become an author. By the time I reached my late 30s to early 40s, the time and tools had arrived. There were no more excuses, no publishing gate-keepers watching the door. I could simply create a book and make myself an author!

Creative Direction

From listening to the client's need, to inspiring the team around me, directing the creative effort has been at my core since my first days in an ad agency.

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