Video and Motion Graphics

Video & Motion Graphics

My primary objective during the college years was to become an animator with Disney Feature Animation. That goal didn't happen. My focus on drawing, film, special visual effects, and animation gave me a big bag of tricks for making video and graphical elements move in cool ways.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center
Learning and Development

Being on corporate learning teams, my video production has often been used for coaching, building and shaping culture. This example has the purpose of inspiring the hospital staff to strive to always be extraordinary.

Cummins RMP (Rugged Mobile Power)

Cummins asked the agency TriComB2B for an inexpensive and impactful video featuring world-wide application of their mobile power generators. There was no budget for video to be shot or bought. I worked with John Nagy, the Creative Director whom I also worked with at HSR/Gyro. We collaborated from script, to storyboard. John acquired final photos while I built the animatic. Once the timing of the video was worked out, the finished Photoshop/After Effects segments were dropped into place.

Vantiv - Digital Sign Animation at CVG airport

The advertisement space was in an escalator area and used 15 combined digital screens. I followed the specs closely and created a video that looked good across the screens, taking the gaps into consideration.


Creation of video from collaborating in the storyboard and concept development to final graphics, effects and post-production. Also responsible for writing the marketing phrase for the client: We're the fan of serious industry.

Christ's Church at Mason

Animation for auditorium screen.

Walking Wounded Videos

These are two one of a series of short videos that play before the sermon at Christ's Church, Mason, Ohio. The Hosea and Paul videos were written, edited, and directed by me.
Special thanks also to Terry (playing Hosea), Sally (playing Gomer) and Mark (playing Paul) for being such good sports and such good actors!

WellPoint Marketing Communication Team Demo

In the Fall of 2013 our Marketing Communication team was asked to create a video explaining the advantages of using our internal team over outsourcing our company's creative work to external vendors. We came up with three different messages. This is intro to the concept that I wrote and animated created. I believed the fact that we were internal, we knew the brand intimately and also have a far deeper knowledge of the company's product, was the strongest argument for using our team. The consensus was that this concept nailed the message. At the link, you can see the first stage of this video's development. I didn't work alone, after my initial draft of the script, others collaborated with me to improve the script. Sole control returned to me for the motion graphics for this video. The final video was not produced because of internal restructuring.


In most cases, I took a rough script or notes and smoothed it out so that it worked better for video. I drew the storyboard for pre-production. I was the photographer, videographer, motion graphics animator and editor for all the following.

freedomRail Spokesperson Amanda LeBlanc

Humorous video demonstrating the ease of freedomRail installation. It is really easy!

Crown Partners

I was Art Director for this intro video. The shooting was done remotely with a field videographer. I specified shooting the talent on a white background for a simple luminance key,
rather than risk green screen artifacts. I also requested that the talent be also shot with the camera turned so that the acquisition could be made at the highest resolution. The rest was simply animating graphic effects and logos which I did using After Effects.

I shot practical photography of an orange and the woman's arm in our agency up against a neutral background. The orange was turned into their green crownquat icon and the rest was done using Photoshop and After Effects. Please keep in mind that these were made in 2009 when video resolution on the web was not as high as today's standards.

Pitney Bowes

One of a series of high-end screen saver animations created with After Effects.

First Data

This concept video was executed quickly. It was shot in a meeting room, and built with After Effects in one afternoon.

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