Did you know that you now have live, immediate access to doctors and other health care professionals - all from your computer screen?

A doctor is just a few clicks away with LiveHealth Online, a new online service we’re offering to our employees that allows you to get online care by connecting you with network doctors over the Internet. It’s private, secure and easy to use. You can talk, instant message or two-way video conference with doctors seven days a week.

We value your time. That’s why we’re bringing health professionals to you!

Whenever you need to discuss a health issue, simply go to LiveHealthOnline.com, select your geographic area, answer a few questions and you can see a doctor for a $45. Once you enroll in LiveHealth Online and set up a personal account, you can see a doctor for a standard office visit copay. If you already have a health account, we’ll route your claims automatically.

For quick guide on how to get started, click HERE or go to LiveHealthOnline.com.

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