Photo, Video and Graphic Design Samples

Featured here first are examples of video and motion graphics, followed by my photography work samples.

Video & Motion Graphics


Creation of video from collaborating in the storyboard and concept development to final graphics, effects and post-production. Also responsible for writing the marketing phrase for the client: We're the fan of serious industry.

Cummins RMP (Rugged Mobile Power)

Christ's Church at Mason - Between the Trees Video Intro

Christ's Church at Mason - Walking Wounded Videos

These are two one of a series of short videos that play before the sermon at Christ's Church at Mason, Mason, Ohio. The series featured the stories from the Bible of Joseph, Joshua, Hosea, the woman at the well and the Apostle Paul.
The Hosea and Paul videos were written, edited and directed by Mike Kunze. Thanks to Nathan Siegele and Aaron Allen, who made the other videos in the series. They helped throughout the production of these two, I was especially happy to have their additional camera work.
Special thanks also to Terry (Hosea), Sally (Gomer) and Mark (Paul) for being such good sports and such good actors.

WellPoint Marketing Communication Team Demo

My contribution: In the Fall of 2013 our Marketing Communication team was tasked with the challenge of creating a video explaining the advantages of using our internal team over outsourcing our company's work to external vendors. We came up with three different messages. This is the concept that I created. I believed the fact that we were internal, we knew the brand intimately and also have a far deeper knowledge of the company's product, was the strongest argument for using our team. The consensus was that this concept nailed the message. At the link, you can see the first stage of this video's development. I didn't work alone, after my initial draft of the script, others contributed later versions of the script and story board panels. However control returned to me for the sole motion graphics development and editing.

Several sample videos I made for OrganizedLiving featuring freedomRail

My contribution: In most cases, I took a rough script and smoothed it out so that it communicated more clearly and worked more smoothly for video. I drew the storyboard for pre-production. Then, I was the photographer, videographer, motion graphics animator and editor for all the following OrganizedLiving samples.

freedomRail Spokesperson Amada LeBlanc

Humorous video demonstrating freedomRail installation.

The freedomRail YouTube Channel contains many more examples of my video work.

Crown Partners
These two video intros use the company branding in very different ways.

Video composite work for Delta Dental.

This, and this second link, are two in a series of about ten videos that required editing, de-interlacing and addition of a gray background to help the videos match the design of the featuring site.

Pitney Bowes
high-end screen saver video created with After Effects.

First Data
quickly executed sample animation created with After Effects in one afternoon.


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freedomRail New Product Launch - Driftwood Live

Most of my photography and retouching is applied to my web site, motion graphics and video production work. These product photos show the results of a recent shoot and the resulting print-quality images produced. I did the lighting, photography and retouching.

Design for Print

Sell Sheet brochure - click image to view full PDF (approximately 3.5MB)

freedomRail Spokesperson Amada LeBlanc

Amanda made my job easy. She worked through many scene, costume and lighting changes to build a collection of photography and video that freedomRail will use for the next year!

Here are just a few samples from our two days of shooting.

All freedomRail-related photos and videos above © 2012 Organized Living.

There is more to my portfolio, please also check out my Flash and interactive web development section and my drawing and illustration samples.