Graphic Design & Drawing

Graphic Design


Miscellaneous designs — I contributed many graphic designs and strategies supported by said designs to improve the experience of those in the community of associates at Luxottica. Below is one floor of the four floor map redesign that I created.

Meaningful Conversation playing cards. I led the development of these cards. I invited team input to gather conversation starter questions and opportunities that are incorporated into the design of the cards. Maintaining ownership of the program, each week I met the newly hired associates to introduce the concept. The cards are just a tool or reminder, not to be forced or read verbatim. We, at Luxottica, continuously worked to have a culture filled with frequent, casual and meaningful conversations.

Third, in this miscellaneous collection of designs, I created posters that marketed our internal training courses.

Thinking through how the list of many classes would be received by associates walking by, I also created small flyers. These could be taken to help jog the memory of the classes that interested the person. This one change increased our class sign-ups a great deal.

In a continued effort to coach the community to shirk the learned patterns and get their meeting business done as directly as possible, I designed and created a series of table top reminders. These were easy to change out, so that they would remain fresh and not become meeting room clutter, and were as provocative or challenging as the corporate culture would allow.

August 2015

My colleagues had a working sketch of a document they used to help develop managers in the company. I invited them to let me add some of the company's branding and the photography we had commissioned to represent the combined learning efforts in the company. What resulted, our team made stronger impression with new and developing managers of people and we had a well-organized useful tool aligned to our company design standards.

February 2015

Series of icons created according to the Sunglass Hut brand standards.

September 2013

A sample infographic created at Vantiv.


A fun illustration of a cow toy for a logo and sign design.

Story illustrations for a wedding invitation design.

September 2012

This sample above is the main illustration for a pitch for an attraction at EPCOT Center. To read the summary of this best example of my creative direction, please visit this link: Your body the machine.


These are two samples of my storyboard work.

Figure Drawing

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