Corporate Headshots

At Luxottica, I was the in-house photographer. I took head shots of all new hires. As my reputation grew, I was requested to schedule photo sessions for large teams.

The most satisfying moments are when a person stomps into the room declaring "I hate getting my picture taken! I always look terrible." Then I get them to relax and coax them into flattering positions. When they look at the preview, they light up. They didn't know that they could look that good! It is very rewarding to watch a person realize their own personal beauty when they see it in a photo.

Here are a few samples. At the time I built this page, these photos are currently being used on their respective LinkedIn pages:

Michelle Howery
Judy Fimiani
Amber Hardke
Christina Cohen
Marybeth Kuntz
Abby Liebowitz
Lama Wilson
Colette Alcott
Jason Morsch
Daniel McDonald