Featured below are examples of interactive Javascript or Flash sites, Drupal websites, site components, programs, special animation and HTML emails I created.

iPad Application UI Design

small image of Vantiv Sidekick iPad app design

Vantiv Sidekick App — This was an internal project for reps to collect and organize their presentations and supporting sales documents. I was the designer for this project which involved brainstorming for the application's name and symbol. Then creating the various Vantiv brand screen and UI element designs.


Advanced Interactive Javascript Application

Wellpoint Member Communications Touchpoint Map (Prototype) — This Interactive Javascript Map was designed and developed by me. I worked closely with representatives of the Member Communications team to find a way to display how communication differed by product, state and other variable options.

The purpose of this prototype was to act as an initial proof of concept. >> You change the options on the left and click the update link to populate the map. The general function and shape of the existing data was then able to be understood and an improved user experience could be developed. The next version was planned to add keyword search, brief descriptions visible at start and expanding panels that are easier to read.

Flash Websites and Site Elements

Barilla — This Flash introduction was built to interact with the Vocalpoint interface. I'm proud of it for the clean transitions and appealing food animation.

My contribution: I received a *.psd file from the Art Director and brought it to life using Flash. I separated and optimized the elements. Later, I worked out the menu links so that they integrated seamlessly with the Vocalpoint portal.

Kikkoman - Kikko de Mayo promotion for Lemon and Lime Ponzu. A Flash presentation with fun graphics and music.

My contribution: I was invited to the creative concept meeting at the agency. I sat with the account rep and the creative director. We worked out the right spirit of the piece together taking turns sketching on a white board. I then designed the look and feel, selected the music track and recorded the giggle track myself. Then built the rest of the Flash interaction. So this is a great example of my creative concept work from concept to full execution.

Bayer® Contour® USB
Interactive Flash product demo created to introduce and demonstrate the simple controls and convenience of Bayer's blood glucose monitor.

My contribution: This is another project where I was called in once the artwork was completed. I did work closely with the Art Director to determine the full path of the software simulation. We wanted it to resemble the actual function of the device very closely. Once additional challenge was that they had worked with another third-party for an interactive 3D view of the device. This was created using their proprietary Java applet technology. I was able to devise the JavaScript architecture that would swap the interactive Flash seamlessly with this applet as the viewer moved throughout the tour. The result was fairly seamless.

Flowserve Gas & Oil Interactive Tour
This interactive feature was live on the Flowserve site for years.

My contribution: I was involved early on in the concept phase working out the zoom and flag label strategy. The 3D map was created by a third-party company which I performed some art direction during their design and rendering phase, then photo manipuation on it afterward. The Flash was 100% built by me. This uses object-oriented ActionScript 3 programming and an external XML data source. Select "Refining" then "Hydrocracking" to view a complete content sample.

Flash Banners

DayJet Home Page Flash Header Banner
This Flash element was at the top of the DayJet home page.

United Stationers - Animation
This was another "small" banner assignment where I worked to pump as much fun and energy in as possible. I'm especially proud of the Jacob's Ladder toy effect used as the windows appear.
(preview link)

Delta Air Elite - Interactive Banner Ad
It appears so simple. This is one of the most challenging banners I ever built. Creating this intuitive multi-directional rollover animation took a great deal of tweaking until it felt right.

MSC Sailboat Banner series
This 300x250 banner and this 728x90 banner are two examples from a series of eight that utilize advanced Flash composite imagery. I developed this technique to blend subtle wave and cloud animation while still staying beneath a strict banner-size limitation.

Hypertherm banner
This swiss army knife banner and this second 300x250 banner feature ActionScript-generated spark effects which mimic the client's plasma cutting technology.

still of Polk banner

Polk Vehicle Launch Banner
These two banners (300x250 and 728x90)  are simple pan-the-jpg type banners. Beginning from a four or five frame storyboard, I timed out the path of the virtual camera, prepped the images and animated these to be as sexy a set of Flash banners as possible, despite their simplicity.

Bright House Banner
The client wanted to develop their own banners on this one. But when the results came, there was no energy or fun in the animation. The task came to me. "Make this cool," they said. So, I did. Then the client took it and gave it to their developer to copy. (preview link)

Motorola Retail Expandable Interactive Rich Banner
A rare example of an interactive game banner. These are tricky to develop, because they must deliver the message and be fun in a very short period of time. (preview link)

still from USG Seismic animated banner

USG Seismic Ceiling Banner
This is one of a series of banners that was part of the USG Seismic Ceiling campaign. It features a fun shake effect.
(preview link)

USG Mold Tough Stevie Spore Whack-a-Mold Interactive Banner
The Stevie Spore banner was part of a drive toward viral marketing of the Mold Tough product line. This banner really shows off the popular character of Stevie Spore, the mold that is hard to get rid of.
(preview link)

Experimental Flash

Papervision 3D interactive Flash experiment
This is a demonstration of my use of Papervision. Papervision is an open-source 3D code package for Flash. I created this homage to the classic Star Wars arcade game. This technology could be further developed into a fully-interactive 3D game.

HTML Email Development

I've programmed HTML emails from existing layout (Bayer) and also handled the full design/development life cycle, including testing for HTML email campaigns. I counseled other team multimedia developers at several companies about the limitations of email design and best practices. To ensure consistent, high-quality delivery to the maximum number of recipients using a variety of email clients, we restrict what we can do in an email layout. I have used SilverPop, and ExactTarget delivery services to complete the full campaign cycle. At WellPoint, a common practice is to prepare Outlook templates that company sales reps and marketing managers can use to send personalized messages that are attractive and on-brand. Having sales reps prepare HTML emails requires some training, I developed a PDF guide for those team members, who aren't designers or programmers, to follow when they work with the Outlook email templates that I provide.


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