Creative Marketing Coach

I'm a creativity coach. Most of that falls into the area of marketing, mostly because helping create powerful marketing experiences is where the work is. I most often help small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers launch campaigns and new business. I use my wide range of skills, typically within the Cincinnati/Dayton markets to tell stories, spread ideas, develop people, launch business and energize sales.

I can be your creative marketing expert, your pair of hands to fill a gap in your current campaign plan or I can be that collaborator who will work with you to spot new paths you haven't considered and then help you go there. Specific ways I can help:

  • Shaping a campaign or training program to make a complicated, abstract or technical concept easy to absorb
  • Listening to where you are, helping you write a good story and planning its execution and delivery, leading your prospects through to conversion
  • Filling your capability gaps with supporting design, web development and quality content, (audio, video or written word.)

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