Creative Director and Marketing Consultant

I help entrepreneurs create marketing strategy. I work with owners and leaders in both large and small businesses. Beyond the strategy, I have a wide range of experience and skills. I lead teams and can jump in to do the hands-on marketing at almost any part of the process.

I can be your creative marketing expert, your pair of hands to fill a gap in your current campaign plan or I can be that collaborator who will work with you to spot new paths you haven't considered and then help you go there. Specific ways I can help:

  • Shaping a campaign or training program to make a complicated, abstract or technical concept easy to absorb
  • Listening to where you are, helping you write a good story and planning its multi-channel strategy and execution
  • Writing as the public voice of your brand
  • Listening to other business leaders, building relationships and suggesting optimal creative plans
  • Filling capability gaps with hands-on support
  • Create engaging, quality copy across blogs, newsletters, social media, video and many other formats
  • Supervising direct reports, collaborating business partners and volunteers
  • Developing people with effective and influential programs, even to audiences above my role in the organization

I'm easy to work with and have enthusiasm that is contagious. I look forward to hearing from you.